One of the main goals of a national park’s existence as one of the measures of environmental protection is the preservation of natural environment in an unchanged form. The goal is carried out through activities such as raising the environmental awareness of the society, especially the local communities in the direct vicinity of the park and informing the visitors to the Park about the importance of protecting the nature. Change in the attitude towards nature and natural processes, as well as explanation of activities implemented by the Park in order to protect the environment allow effective execution of Park’s goals and improve the acceptance regarding measures necessary for preserving natural properties of the Park. Ecocentre of Stołowe Mountains National Park serves as an educational facility, spreading knowledge regarding Stołowe Mountains nature.

Thanks to the modern, interactive exhibition, visitors of all ages can discover valuable species existing in Stołowe Mountains, see the processes maintaining the balance of the environment as well as visit the geological past of Stołowe Mountains.