- What are the most important attractions of the Stołowe Mountains National Park?

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What are the most important attractions of the Stołowe Mountains National Park?


The most important is clearly the possibility to connect with nature. Although there area 23 national parks in Poland, their total area takes up only about 1% of the whole country. It should be noted that these sites are meant to protect the most precious fragments of our environment and that it includes preservation of the cycle of natural processes, which lets us experience the unique feeling of natural wilderness.


Not every visitor in the Park is an experienced tourist.


The Park provides a wide range of exploring the natural heritage in the field, adjusted to the needs and capabilities of different people. The area of the Park contains a dense network of hiking trails of total length of 100 km, including a section of Mieczysław Orłowicz Main Sudetes Trail. Fantastic rock formations can be found not only at Great and Little Szczeliniec or Errant Rocks. They can also be seen in the region of so called Rock Mushrooms and near White Rocks near Corner. These places are less famous and don’t attract as many tourists which makes them more desirable to those who value the contact with nature. Near tourist trails there are car parks and rest zones, which make it easier to reach the points of interest and are an alternative to people, who cannot take part in a longer hike and would still like to learn about the Park’s nature.


Are the trails also made suitable for travelling with little children?


Most hiking trails in the Park are not particularly demanding. Of course, while wandering with children the parents and guardians should pay special attention to their safety. Many places involve cliffs or steep approaches, however, by respecting basic rules of walking in such an area visiting the Park with children is not a problem at all. Even if they can’t manage to complete a longer route, just the time spent among nature is an incredible experience to young tourists, which they should not be denied.


Currently, many people are interested in more than just travelling on foot. Does the Park cater to their demands as well?


Of course. Apart from hiking trails there are also ones suitable for bicycles. Tourists preferring this form of travel may use the trails established within the Park and in its direct vicinity. They were plotted in a way that it allows bicycles to reach the most interesting fragments of Stołowe Mountains. Winter is also suitable for active exploration of the local nature. The terrain and picturesque landscape are suitable for cross-country skiing. During winter season ski routes in form of a loop are plotted which allow travelling almost through the entire area of the Park. The destination point is the town of Karłów.